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Young people residing in the 10th and 19th arrondissements of Paris, some from REP zones, have had priority access to our skateboarding activities which have been be carried out over the years with the intention of reducing the inequalities and inclusion for kids who don't get to go on holiday in summer.


The project aims to encourage these young people, whatever their physical or social condition, to move and be active, by providing them with quality sports facilities.


In some cases, by offering them innovative activities such as circus and skateboarding, that combine sport and culture, they will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops that include Content Language and Integrated Learning. Thus language learning will be mixed with sports activities.



Skateboarding, is a tool that can help bring not only sport, but a driving motivation to these audiences who have often lacked the opportunities that others there age have. Often institutional barriers isolate and fail these youth who exist 'out of the box'. This is where subcultures can make a huge impact on their lives as they transcends conformity whilst offering a sense of acceptance as they validate individuality.

The proposed activities will take place during the year and will be accompanied by live street art shows and demonstrations.

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