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By combining sensorial movement with aerial circus arts.

Start to vibrate, more and more, as the music resonates... free electrons in space, particles of water in a busy sea... each has its own vibration, its own existential wave.


As the vibrations become mobile about the stage, they interact, being brought together and pushed apart by a greater force of gravity. Each could be interpreted as an expression of cultural duality that manifests itself for the artists or similarly, as a mono vision that the masses develop when living isolated, conditioned by cultural constraints. 

Everything flows and nothing abides...

Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed...

All is flux...

Nothing stays still...

Logos is for Heraclitus; the notion that all things are one in some sense.

Unavoidable, reoccurring, essence collides within. As the artist wonders about our existence hanging on our cultural attachments, the place for belonging and self actualization takes flight.

Divulged through a sense of presence and body language, when more than one culture inhabits our existence, we are can be confronted with the question of belonging.

Now, more than ever, we are living among a flux of cultures and diversity. Sometimes the cultural mixes are opposed but mostly they intertwine and complement each other. They open our perspective, giving us a worldly, unique outlook.

With the aim of integrating audiences into the act, groups are encouraged to follow our workshops to integrate a dance scene that can complement our shows and or aerial numbers. The fragility that makes us human is given power in this contemporary piece

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