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Content Language and Integrated Learning 


Emile or CLIL in English, is the teaching of a subject, integrated into a foreign language with the purpose of fostering immersion through linguistic and educational contexts, while taking into consideration the aspirations and objectives of the students and their parents.

The acronym CLIL (Content Language and Integrated Learning) began to dominate in the 1990s. Conveying an innovative methodological approach that goes far beyond language teaching. Indeed, its promoters emphasize that language and non-linguistic subject matter are both objects of instruction.

Teaching an integrated language and non-linguistic subjects allows students to study content from different subjects in a foreign language while being immersed in an activity that interests them. 

Our circus groups mix English vocabulary into the classes. Starting with warm ups, we work on basics like colors and number for kinder and primary students and develop the lexis as the workshops evolve.

We also offer classes in English, Spanish, Italian for bilingual audiences.

Bilingual and International Classes

Learning through two languages, one being the mother tongue and the other a foreign language, makes progress in both the foreign language and the discipline through mutual enrichment. The language used by teachers is always adapted to the student's learning objective, level and context. Thus the foreign language is not the object but the instrument which makes it possible to reach the learning objectives of other disciplines.


The formal teaching of the language takes place in a foreign language course. The lessons include elements of:

  • Communication - learn using the language.

  • Cognition - Involvement: reflection and understanding

  • Content - development of knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject

  • Culture - self and others awareness (citizenship) 

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