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Silhouette de corbeau au clair de lune

13 Ways Of Looking

The Eye Of The Blackbird

In his poem, « Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird », Wallace Stevens illustrates how often our presence in the world has been ignored. The haiku style opens the field to an exchange between writing and its metaphors drawn from Asia. It is at the edge of the 20 snow-capped mountains that we find Gyatso, meditating. The blackbird represents memory, unity, consciousness... Staying close to Gyatso, almost like a divinity, protector of dharma.

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Show duration - 45 minutes


- 3 Aerial performers

- Russian Wheel

- 1 Narrator/Acrobat

- 1 Sound & Lighting Operator/Director


- 7 meters high, 14 meters in front and behind for the swinging trapeze

- Flat even space 8mX8m

- 50 mm bar under coupla/dome

- 4 meters width bar under coupla/dome

- Preferred space that is lightproof  

IMG_5128 BlackBird Dan Carré.jpg


A cryptic poem was the source of this creation delving into the boundaries of real and imaginary. 

The Blackbird enacts the mythical presence in several scenes. It's awakening opens the show,

revealing conundrums in a reality left for the audience to decipher. Stillness contrasts movement whilst light flickers through it's gaze, diffracting our consciousness beyond visible limits.




Starting aerial circus arts at Catavento Companhia Circense in Goiânia under Pedro Cunha’s direction, he specialized in trapeze, crossing gym and circus disciplines. Danyllo and Kate met at the Cirque Électrique where, working on aerial duos and acrobatics, he quickly put together aerial numbers, always encouraging and humbly assisting when needed.  Complimenting his training with Florin Bulgaru at GYM Paris 15 in Paris, Danyllo integrated aerial circus disciplines specializing in Trapeze. 


Moving to Paris to study at L’École International de Jacques Lecoq, she went on to focus on circus arts under Michèl Nowak's big top Les Noctambules de Nanterre. Training swinging trapeze with Zoé Maîstre, her style integrates sensory movement and dance techniques.

She began sharing a training space near Belleville with RuePublique that she opens to other artists.

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