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T (o) U - David FERNANDES 

Suspended from his Chinese Pole, David Fernandes interprets with subtly someone who explores and who is exposed to difference, to the unknown..  

T (o) u subtly tells the story of someone who leaves with his desires and weaknesses.


T (o) u is a reflection on the place that we construct in relation to the Other in a foreign environment.


We read in it the difficulty of the character in the face of difference and failures of understanding, wandering in his solitude for fear of being rejected.

Our contemporary performance can be given in public spaces as well as in theaters. 

David has participated in the Collectif Kytach in 2010, with whom he continues to develop projects. In 2013 he integrated into the Company Les Trois Clés, The Three Keys, with their performances : La Dernière Balades de Buster Keaton and Gigantea, which was supported by Amnesty International. These performances won distinguished prizes and got great press reviews. David's own approach became apparent as he developed numerous skills, both technical and artistic, integrating them with Yoga and biomechanics.

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